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we clean all types of wood flooring at competitive prices we sand the flooring, removing old sealant and scratches, before we apply new sealant for maximum protection our team uses state of the art technology and tried and trusted sealants to enhance the appearance of wood flooring and restore its hard wearing qualities

Many properties in London are fitted with soft and hardwood floor finishes which might require a wood floor restoration at some point. Hardwood and softwood floors look great when they are first laid, and they have a hard-wearing nature, but fail to maintain the sealant and they’ll soon show signs of wear and tear. We have the ideal solution for this at Simple Maintenance Solutions. Our professional softwood and hardwood floor refinishing in London leaves a high-quality finish, with flooring that looks flawless.


When you want to restore the look of softwood flooring or give a new lease of life to a hardwood floor, we restore, renovate and refinish wood flooring and deliver the perfect result. All of our floor restoration services are reasonably priced and we sand, varnish and leave your floor looking brand new, with very impressive results.


Want your wood flooring to look to like new? Call 020 7207 5231 or 077 1225 1619.

•  Light sand and seal for wood floors

•  Complete floor restoration service

•  All types of softwood and hardwood floors

•  Experienced team of floor finishers

•  Very competitive prices

•  Covering London & surrounding areas

Wood flooring is gently sanded down to remove the old seal, light scratches and dull patches. New sealant is then applied to protect the wood, this is a quick and clean process and leaves excellent results.

All of the floor restoration services we have to offer you at Simple Maintenance Solutions are completed by an experienced and knowledgeable team. We clean and restore all types of wood flooring and offer a comprehensive service with a range of solutions available.


Have you noticed damage to your wooden floor? If your wood floor seal has worn and there are scratches or damage to the floor, arrange a complete floor restoration today. At Simple, we sand the floor through a number of stages, from heavy to fine and a final seal, to finish the floor and give it the ultimate protection.  


To arrange a FREE consultation to have your soft or hardwood floor refinished, please contact us, or call 020 7207 5231 or 077 1225 1619.    


Would you like your wooden flooring looking brand new again? Call:

020 7207 5231

077 1225 1619

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Could not be more delighted with the service. Very accommodating, reasonably priced and fast work with a perfect result. We had floors sanded and varnished, and added a deep carpet clean to the package, all of which they did within 24 hours. We could not recommend this company more highly, and will be using them again for any further work we should need!

Thanks again guys!!

Grace Cullen

Soft and Hardwood Floor Refinishing in London

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We offer a high-class service for the refinishing of soft and hardwood floors